Message from Mr President Felix

Dear Members and Friends of Banbridge Golf ClubFelix Duffy mr Pres 15

I feel privileged to be once again working alongside such an enthusiastic and dedicated Council whose endeavours to improve our overall golfing experience at Banbridge Golf Club remain undiminished. Their enthusiasm is contagious, as demonstrated by the many forms of support given by members, from financial help to the giving up of their time and skills.

2017 promises to be a fantastic year with the ongoing improvements to our course.. All of this alongside the continuing support of our resident Professional, Jason, makes for a complete golfing experience.

So let’s not be selfish and share what we have to offer with family and friends.

I wish you all a happy and successful golfing season and look forward to seeing our members at my President’s Day oin September 2017

Felix Duffy







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