Message from Mr President Harry

Dear Friends of Banbridge Golf Club

I would like, at the start of my term as your President, to thank and congratulate my predecessor, Felix, for his outstanding service to the Club.  Felix has proved, during his term in office, that he has a safe pair of hands and a cool head.  The club has benefited from his dignified and wise leadership.

The long term success of any Club is dependent upon its ability to retain as many existing members as possible and to attract enough new members, in order to replace those who leave the Club due to changing conditions in their lives.  I hope, during my term in office, to play my part in ensuring the continuing success of Banbridge Golf Club, by making members and visitors alike feel welcome at our Club. I also hope that, as a result, they will feel they are among friends and will be encouraged to make full use of our excellent facilities.

There is an old adage that the more you put into something the more you will get out of it.  I have found this, during the course of my life, to be very good advice and so, to borrow and slightly amend a phrase President Kennedy used when he became President “Ask not what my Club can do for me but rather what can I do for my Club”.  If you follow President Kennedy’s advice then I believe that you will find that you will get a lot more satisfaction and enjoyment from being a member of the Club.

I look forward, during my term as your President, to renewing my acquaintance with many old golfing friends and making many new ones.


Finally I hope that you all will have an enjoyable year’s golfing.

Harry Carson, Mr President 2018







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